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Weekend Update 8-28-20

Dear M100 Family,

Hope this email finds you and your family well and safe!  What a wonderful summer band it has been!  We finished up officially today with a performance to be shown on the district Convocation next week and with lots of fun dunking the directors!  Thanks to all students for their hard work and dedication!  We've had a long but awesome Summer Band! Percussion and Colorguard have been working with us since July 20th!  Everyone has had such an awesome attitude and it’s been great!  We even played through the first 2 minutes of our Fall Show today with EVERYONE for the first time!  We are blessed to be able to meet in person and work together at this time!  SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ALL of our BOOSTER PARENTS who helped make today happen AND who have been helping with the Fantastic Fundraiser FLAMINGOING!!!!  It’s turning out to be very profitable and we are able to purchase a much needed storage container (after just this week of Flamingoing) for at the field for props!  THANK YOU M100 FAMILY FOR YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS!!!!  Please continue to engage in masking and distancing practices so that we can all stay healthy and continue to work with one another in person!  It’s GREAT to be a Belton Tiger!

Si necesita hablar con alguien en español, envíeme un correo electrónico a  (Jasmine Biggs)


We understand that some of you have chosen remote learning this semester due to COVID concerns.  In an effort to better plan for instruction, we are asking you to please fill out this quick survey.  ALSO - just a reminder that UIL will allow those who choose remote learning during the day to come to outside of the school day band practices and participate in games and contests.  See this from the UIL website:

Students participating in remote learning offered by their school district, whether synchronous or asynchronous (as defined by TEA), may participate in UIL activities if they meet all other UIL eligibility requirements. Students must be enrolled in remote learning options through the school the student will represent. Schools may develop local policies with additional requirements for participation. You can find more information related to the full-time student rule in Section 406 UIL Constitution and Contest Rules 



We are still missing forms from some people.  Please turn in all of your forms ASAP.  Can be emailed to OR bring them by the school next week during your fitting.  

FORMS link:


Reminder - ALL students must wear masks while in the school building at all times when they are not playing a brass or woodwind instrument or eating or drinking.  Percussionists will wear the mask at all times while inside unless eating or drinking.  THOSE WHO REFUSE TO WEAR THEIR MASK AS REQUESTED WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE REHEARSAL FOR THE DAY.

Colorguard does not need to wear the mask while working out inside (distanced) but when on break - they should be in a mask.  They may wear the mask while working out if they choose.  Adults should be in masks at all times in the building when they are around others.

Here are the UIL guidelines we have been told to follow: (taken from

WOODWINDS / BRASS - No Masterclasses next week.



2. MASKS!!!! We receive 25% of all sales. The link to the masks is

Belton Band Boosters Flamingo Fun Fundraiser

Flamingo Fun is a fun social-distancing fundraiser for the Belton Band Boosters. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise money for the band for instruments and supplies. Everyone who is in the M100 (includes Guard and Drumline) can participate in Flamingo Fun. We will also allow any neighbors or friends if they would like to donate.  If any family does not wish to participate, please email I will remove you from the list. 

 For two weeks, each section will compete with other sections to raise the most money. Woodwinds and Brass will have the first week and the Guard and Drumline will take the second week of band camp. Each section will each get 12 cardboard flamingos with the M100 logo on them. A family from each section will be assigned as the “Flamingo Flock Family.” These highly motivated families will be given a list of all families in their section. The Flamingo Flock Family will start at 4pm and head to the first house on their list and they will set the flock up on the yard and ring the doorbell. Then…..hightail it outta there just as the participant (or victim…lol) opens the door. The Flock Family will call the house they just visited and ask if they would like to donate. Here are the levels: 

  • Remove the M100 flamingos from my yard- any amount would be appreciated.  

  • Remove the M100 flamingos from my yard and send it to another house- $10-20 

  • Remove the M100 flamingos from my yard and never come back-$25-40

  • Remove the M100 flamingos from my yard and send it to another house and never come back $45- one billion dollars.

The Flamingo Flock Family will return and take the flamingos off the yard and using social distancing guidelines, collect the donation for the band. Donation can be paid via charms, personal check, and cash. The Flamingo Flock Family will either pick another family on their list or go to the house that the prior “Flamingo Fun Victim” assigned. The goal is to get to as many houses as possible in an evening. The Flamingo Flock Family can set their own curfew as the parents see fit. Flamingos can go home at night and not stay overnight in a yard. Flamingo Flock Families can have a back up family if needed. Please make sure all social distancing guidelines are followed and the flamingos are disinfected.

The Flamingo Flock Family for Brass and Woodwinds will start August 24, 2020 and run through August 28, 2020. Flamingo Flock Families will clean and bag the flock for the next family. On August 29th, the flocks will be given to Guard and Drumline Flock Families. Guard and Drumline Flock Families will start August 31, 2020 and go through September 4, 2020.

The section with the most money raised will be the Flamingo Flock Champions.  Woodwinds!!! Woodwinds!!! We do not have a family for you!!  Email me at Network with your sections and include everyone. Parents may not read this email so, help the Boosters out!!


All parents are required to screen their children everyday before sending them to school for any reason.  Please notify if your child cannot attend practice due to symptoms or exposure to a positive or presumed positive case of COVID-19.  I will notify our campus nurse and she will contact you as per district policy.  Please do not send students if they have been experiencing any of the symptoms in this document:

SCHEDULE FOR NEXT 3 WEEKS:  SCHEDULE ON HOMEPAGE. Also on Band Calendar on website!

Monday, Aug. 31 - NO REHEARSAL



Thursday, Sept. 3 -  NO REHEARSAL  (Colorguard activity - Mr. Hudnall will advise)

Friday, Sept. 4 -  NO REHEARSAL

Monday, Sept. 7 -  NO REHEARSAL

Tuesday, Sept. 8 - Rehearsal 5pm-7pm - Parking lot rehearsal field

Thursday, Sept. 10 - Rehearsal 5pm-7pm - Parking lot rehearsal field

Friday, Sept. 11 - Rehearsal 5pm-7pm - Parking lot rehearsal field

Monday, Sept. 14 - Rehearsal 5pm-7pm - Parking lot rehearsal field

Tuesday, Sept. 15 - Rehearsal 5pm-7pm - Parking lot rehearsal field

Thursday, Sept. 17 - Rehearsal 5pm-7pm - Parking lot rehearsal field

*more details to come regarding practices.


Belton High School is planning a modified "Walk the School" event on September 1st and 2nd.  The school will be open for students to pick up technology, textbooks, and parking permits.  The M100 will also use this opportunity to do uniform fittings and individual photos.  There will not be any rehearsal on these days.  Returning M100 members will be asked to stop by the band hall during their scheduled block of time to try on their uniform.  Parent volunteers will be there to check the uniforms, note any needed alterations, and facilitate the student photos.  Freshman and new members should allow more time to be measured and assigned a uniform.  Guard members will also have their individual photos taken; Mr. Hudnall will communicate the details with those students. 

Tuesday, September 1st - Seniors (8am-12pm), Juniors (1pm-4pm)

Wednesday, September 2nd - Sophomores (8am-12pm), Freshman (1pm-4pm)

We will be taking the following COVID-19 precautions:

  • The uniforms will be placed alphabetically on chairs that are 6ft apart. 

  • Students will be encouraged to dress in their assigned area. (Some private dressing areas will be available.)

  • M100 members should arrive in modest clothes that fit easily under their uniform. (shorts and t-shirts or "unders") Band shoes not required.

  • Students wishing to pose with their instrument should bring their own instrument.

  • Parents may be asked to wait outside the band hall if crowding becomes an issue.

  • Uniform pieces that are "tried on" a student will be fully laundered before being used again the following day.

  • Chairs and dressing stations will be sanitized before the next group arrives.


If you are using a school owned instrument (including percussion), you will be assessed an instrument rental fee of $62.50 per instrument per semester.  We will ask for payment of these fees during the second week of school (Sept. 14th).  Payments will be delivered to Mrs. Gill and not paid through Charms.  Payments only in the form of cash (in an envelope with student’s name on it) or check made out to Belton HS Band.  Payments are deposited into an account to be used for repair and general maintenance on instruments.  Students will receive a form indicating the amount they owe in the coming weeks.  

Thank you and please stay safe and healthy!

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