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Required Drumline Supplies: 
Snares-Vic Firth Ralph Hardimon Sticks (VIC-SRH)
Tenors-Vic Firth MTS1
Bass 1-Vic Firth MB1H/Bass 2-MB2H
Bass 3-MB3H/Bass 4&5-MB4H

All items can be purchased at Steve Weiss Music

Drumline Audition Results 2024

 Snares-Jeremiah J, Tyler E, Gia R, Keishawn C, Logan B

Tenors-Diego S, Emma H

Bass Drums-Brennan L, Peytyn S, Kenna C, Kaylee M, Brayden S

Marimbas-Alyssa N, Jennifer H, Gunnar C, Iris M, Abigale F

Vibraphones-Penn B, Ash B, Jaden O, Lizzy S

Xylophone-Lilly L    Bells-Sandi 

Accessories-Gavin O, Noel M, Asa K, Cody B

Synthesizers-Kenzie K, Christina P

 Drumline/Tenor Captain-Diego S

Snare Captain-Jeremiah J

Bass Drum Captain-Brennan L

Pit captain-Alyssa N

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