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Weekend Update 10-6-19

Dear M100 Families,

Congratulations to all for 2 excellent performances yesterday at the Midway Contest.  Results: Prelims: 2nd in Class 6A, 2nd Overall (out of 23 bands) Percussion - 3rd, Guard - 3rd, 2nd overall in Music, 5th overall in Marching.

Finals - 3rd Overall, Percussion - 2nd Overall, Guard - 3rd Overall.  The students performed very well and improved greatly from the Prelims performance to the Finals!  The video of last night’s Finals Performance is on the website - Click “Students” on Home Page. Password is M100.  Find the YouTube link to view. Break-downs of rankings and scores are located around the band hall and we will view the video / discuss judge comments briefly in class on Monday.  Very excited to continue preparing for our next contest next Saturday in Austin! Thank you so much to our incredibly hard working parent volunteers and district truck and bus drivers.  Special thanks to a fantastic team of parents who have been laundering our uniforms: Thanks to Linda Grant, Courtney Holley, Felicia Robinson-Walker, Joanie Sharp, Katie Floyd, Michelle Greene and Amanda Fizell and Sharon Cobb!!!!

Some updates:


Mon. 10/7:  NO REHEARSAL

*Tues. 10/8: 5-8pm PARKING LOT rehearsal 

Wed. 10/9:  NO REHEARSAL

*Thurs. 10/10:  5-7:30pm parking lot practice field.

*Friday 10/11:  5-7:30pm STADIUM rehearsal.  White t-shirts please.

*Saturday, 10/12:  Texas Marching Classic Contest - itinerary on website

**Alternates on flag - attend rehearsal on Thursday and Friday only

**Alternates not on flag - no rehearsal this week after school.

Please make sure your child is hydrating throughout the day at school (water and/or gatorade type drinks) and eating healthy meals so they are healthy and up to the challenge of marching band.  This is especially important on game and contest days.  

The week of Oct. 14-19:  

Reminder - we have marching rehearsals on Tues., 15th, WED. 16th, a game on Thurs. the 17th, and a rehearsal on Fri. the 18, then UIL on the 19th.

We are off of school on Mon. the 14th.  This has also been on the calendar since school started.  EVERYONE IS EXPECTED TO ATTEND ALL REHEARSALS. (Alternates not on flag need to only attend on Tues. from 5-6pm)(Alternates on flag, attend on Tues. and Friday rehearsals).

Starting the week of Oct. 21st we will reduce after school practices to one day a week unless we do not have good attendance and/or other extenuating circumstances arise.

Uniform / Band Hall Cleanliness - We need to continue to improve on ALL students hanging up their uniform correctly upon returning to the band hall after a performance.  Uniforms need to be hung up neatly and kept outside of the bags to air out. Hang on the proper rack, not on lockers or elsewhere.  

Keep your band hall clean of trash, food, drinks, and personal items.  Keep all horns in lockers and TAKE WATER BOTTLES HOME EVERYDAY - clean them out for your own health/hygiene!  Thank you to my fellow staff members, Drum Majors, Band Managers, and Section Leaders for helping to clean up the band hall after games/contests.  If everyone does their part we can keep a clean, healthy facility. Take pride in your school, uniform, and this organization. It is a privilege to be a part of the M100.

Thank you!

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