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Weekend Update 3-29-20

March 29, 2020

Dear M100 Families,

We hope everyone is safe and healthy. We are still apart for at least another week as you know and we hope everyone is finding healthy ways to deal with the isolation. We hope music is bringing you some peace, joy, and comfort during this time. We are all in this together as they say. We will get through this together! Hang in there!

Here’s something to Cheer You Up!

From one of your Drum Majors, Nick Sullivan:

" Hey Band! This week we are doing Spirit Week! To participate, upload pictures to social media using #M100. Alumni is invited to participate!

Monday, 3/30 - Superhero Day

Tuesday, 3/31 - Throwback to the 80's

Wednesday, 4/1 - 'Merica Day

Thursday 4/2 - Meme Day

Friday 4/3 - Fight Song Friday

For Fight Song Friday, record a video of yourself playing the fight song at 160 bpm, and send it to Sam Foreman (see email in Charms from Mrs. Gill 3/29/20 for Sam's contact info.)

Sam is going to take all the videos he gets and make one huge Marching 100 Fight Song!

Please keep everything appropriate, but have fun with it! Stay Safe! "


No new information. Will inform you of any updates the minute I get any!

Regarding BISD’s position on out of state travel for the future – we have not heard anything from the district at this time.


Week 1 is complete, however, as an entire organization (Instrumentalists and Colorguard) we averaged about an 85% completion rate on the assignments in Google Classroom. PLEASE complete your assignments on time. If you are having difficulty with this, FOR ANY REASON, please email your conductor of your ensemble or your instructor and let him or her know how he or she can help you prior to the assignment due date.

Students and Parents – Please check in Google Classroom Monday March 30th by 9am for Assignment #2. PLEASE ALSO CHECK YOUR EMAIL DAILY! Especially during this time of uncertainty and last- minute updates.


From our Region 8 UIL office – All remaining UIL events for Region 8 are cancelled for this school year. This means we will not be able to compete in UIL Concert & Sightreading Contest for this school year. This is a tremendous disappointment; however, we will continue to work on our UIL music (until further notice) in case we are able to return to school and have our end of the year concert. This is also the music we would be working on during this time if we were in school and is therefore a huge part of the curriculum and lesson plan in a normal semester. I’m sorry to bring this sad news but we will carry on!


Applications and instructions will be made available on our band website AND delivered to you through mass email (Charms) on April 1st. It is due to Mrs. Gill on April 17th by 4:25pm. We will do this electronically. Applications are for Section Leader and Drum Major positions only. Details will be posted on website and in email.


One major name change has been approved. Symphonic 1 will be referred to as Wind Symphony. Now all ensembles will have their own distinct name. J

Also – Only WIND ENSEMBLE members may sign up to play a secondary instrument in another band class. The reason for this is that UIL made a rule that if a person performs with the 4th band (for instance), they must then sightread with that band and cannot sightread with any other group that reads the same level of sightreading. So…since the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th bands all read the same level of sightreading (I know – can you believe it?!?!?) then a person who read with the 4th band could not then sightread with the 2nd band (for example). The Wind Ensemble reads a piece two levels harder than the other bands so since it’s a different piece, then they can sightread with the 4th band and the Wind Ensemble (for example). If this is confusing and you have questions – just email me.

Please keep checking your email and I will also be posting cancellations/rescheduled events on our band calendar on our website.

UNDERCLASSMEN - PLEASE CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR BAND NEXT YEAR! Band Directors are looking at schedule data right now! We have discovered a few students who were wrongfully left off the list for next year that we received from the counselor. It’s not a problem – we can communicate with your counselor to make sure your schedule is correct – just let us know! Thanks!

Thank you and please stay safe and healthy! Let us Directors know how we can help you! Hope to see you all again soon!

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