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Weekend Update 1-20-20

Dear M100 Families, Congratulations to all students who participated in the Region 8 All Region Band concerts this weekend. The concerts were all very impressive and it was a real treat to get to stand/sit back and watch some outstanding conductors rehearse the bands Friday and Sat. It’s amazing to see what these awesome students can achieve in just 10 hours of practice. Hope all students had a fun, rewarding, and educational experience!

Announcements for this week:


Come out and support your BHS Winter Guard groups this coming Saturday, Jan. 25th at Westwood HS in Austin, TX. Their competitive season is in full swing and they are getting ready for this very competitive first contest.

The C group performs at 9:41am, The B group (non-varsity) at 11:33am, and the Varsity at 3:45pm.

Tickets are $10 – cash only. Children 2 and under are free. Come see these awesome shows! These students have been working very hard and the shows are looking great! All Winter Guard show dates are listed on our band calendar.



Lynlee Caufield is missing her flute! She put it in her locker last Friday morning and by class time, it was gone. Please let her or a director know if you have seen anything or heard anything about this missing flute! Her parents have filed a police report with Belton PD. Please help us find this instrument – she owns her own instrument and we all know how much of an expense this is. Thank you for supporting and helping a fellow band member!



This is a fee paid by each student for the service of a professional piano accompanist to rehearse twice with each student and perform with them at the solo contest on Feb. 8th. This only applies to brass or woodwind students who are doing a solo with piano accompanist who have indicated they need the school to provide an accompanist. Pianist will be paid no more than $50 for this service this year. I will confirm the total as soon as possible and let you know when payment is due and who to make a check out to, etc. as soon as I can. If a student has difficulty making this payment, please contact Mrs. Gill. Thank you!



BHS will have a pep rally next Friday the 24th. Band students need to wear either their red M100 T-shirt or sweatshirt. We will use concert instruments but play stand tunes as usual. Double reed students do not need to attend as they will not have an instrument to play. Front Ensemble students also do not need to attend unless they wish to play cymbals or some other batter inst. as approved by Mr. Smith. Winter Guard students may perform – speak with Mr. Hudnall. Battery percussion will need marching perc. Instruments. ALL students must be extremely careful with instruments in the stands especially considering we may be using our finest quality horns. We will be in the stands again like the last pep rally. Students are encouraged to bring their marching horn if they own one and not their concert horn in this instance (flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones….). We will not check out sousaphones, mellophones, marching baritones or any other marching horn to anyone for this pep rally. Another pep rally will occur later in the Spring semester as well. More info. on that when I get it…



Medical forms were due to Mrs. Gill on Monday, Dec. 16th. If you need a form please see the website – Senior Spring Trip 2020. Also – the check for monies earned from students working concession and other refunds was mailed yesterday to the trip company. Another payment is coming up due on the 11th. Please check your account on the trip website in the coming days as the fundraising monies should be applied. Thanks!


Please return your concert formal wear to the band hall if you haven’t already. Pleaes hang on the rack.


Schedule for the rest of this week and next week:

Wind Ensemble sectionals have been updated on band calendar and start this week.

All other Bands will update their sectionals soon and start next week.

Tues., Jan. 21 7:40am-8:40am: Wind Ensemble Flutes/Oboe sectional

4:30pm-5:30pm: W.E. French Horns

4:30pm-5:15pm: Sym. 1 Alto Sax/Horn

5:00pm – 8:00pm: JV & C Winter Guard rehearsal

Wed., Jan. 22 7:40am-8:40am: W.E. Saxophones

Thurs., Jan. 23 7:40am-8:40am: W.E. Trumpets

4:30pm-5:30pm: W.E. Clarinets

5:00pm – 8:00pm: Varsity Winter Guard rehearsal

Fri., Jan. 24 8:00am: Band & required guard meet in band hall for pep rally/roll

8:10am: Doors locked to band hall.

5:00pm-8:00pm: Combined Winter Guard rehearsal

Sat., Jan. 25 Winter Guard Show Day @ Westwood H.S.

9:41am: BHS C group performs

11:33am: BHS B group performs

3:45pm: BHS Varsity group performs

Mon., Jan. 27 4:30pm-5:15pm: Sym. 1 Trumpets

5:00pm-8:00pm: JV Wind Guard rehearsal

Tues., Jan. 28 7:40am-8:40am: W.E. Flutes/Oboe sectional

4:30pm-5:30pm: W.E. French Horns

4:30pm-5:15pm: Sym. 1 Alto Sax/Horn

5:00pm – 8:00pm: JV & C Winter Guard rehearsal

Wed., Jan. 29 7:40am-8:40am: W.E. Saxophones

7:50am-8:35am: Sym. 1 Low Brass/WW

Thurs., Jan. 30 7:40am-8:40am: W.E. Trumpets

7:50am-8:35am: Sym. 1 Clarinets

4:30pm-5:30pm: W.E. Clarinets

5:00pm – 8:00pm: Varsity Winter Guard rehearsal

Fri., Jan. 31 7:50am-8:35am: Sym. 1 Flute/Oboe

5:00pm-8:00pm: Varsity Winter Guard rehearsal

Sat., Feb. 1 9:00am-5:00pm: Winter Guard rehearsal


UNIFORMS: Please turn in your concert uniform if you haven’t already (unless you are a Region Band participant)

If a student has lost all or part of it, they will be financially responsible for its replacement.

Uniform Price List (in case of loss or damage):

Notch Lapel Tuxedo Jacket- $60

Adjustable Tuxedo pants- $28

Melisma Gown- $71

3-5 weeks to ship and does not include tax or shipping. 


WIND ENSEMBLE Remind Code: Enter this number: 81010

MEMBERS PLEASE SIGN UP! Text this message: @4h6gac

Wind Ensemble chair test assignment has been uploaded to the W.E. Google Classroom.


Up-Coming Events can be found on our Band Website Calendar -


Feb. 8 – UIL Solo / Ensemble Contest

April 21 & 22 – UIL Concert & Sightreading Contests


Jan. 25 – Westwood HS (Austin)

Feb. 8 – Coppell HS (Coppell in DFW)

Feb. 22 – Lehman HS (Kyle)

Feb. 29 – Johnson HS (Buda) March 7 – Cedar Ridge HS (Round Rock)

March 14 – Championships Vista Ridge HS (Cedar Park)

March 28 – possible State Champs – College Station

Thank you as always for your continued support! GO BIG RED! 


Jan. 17/18 – All Region Band members only – clinic/concert

Feb. 7/8 – BHS Musical – pit orchestra members only

April 2 – BHS Band Pre-UIL Concert

May 15 – Band-O-Rama (Spring Band Concert)


May 8 – Band Banquet

May 28 – BHS Graduation

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