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Update on injured/ill students and participation in summer band

Dear Parents and Students,

An update on marching rehearsals and some concerns regarding injured students and participation.  We have had several students attending marching rehearsals with injuries that persist from day to day and they are unable to participate in the rehearsal properly.  

Please have your child stay home from outdoor marching rehearsals if they are not able to physically participate in the rehearsal.  

To clarify:  if a child is injured and cannot march, they should not attend the marching portion of summer band camp.  If they are able to sit and play their instrument, they may do so during the indoor playing-only portion of the camp.  We have had several students who have sit out and/or layed down under the director’s tower while we are marching outside for the entire rehearsal and not participated.  There is no need for these students to be outside during this time if they are not participating. They have only been socializing and/or doing something else to occupy their time such as being on their phone, drawing, reading, etc.  They are getting nothing out of the rehearsal and sometimes the volumes of their socializing have reached levels that are distracting to those trying to give instruction. Watching a rehearsal will not help them learn the drill. When observed, most, if not all of the students sitting out due to injury are not watching the rehearsal or otherwise engaged in what is going on in the rehearsal.

Some students have injuries but have still participated in at least 90% of the marching rehearsal as cleared by their doctor.  They may be at rehearsal and participate if they are able to do so at least 90% of the time.

Students who are marching and need to step out to go to the restroom and/or get a drink of water may do so at any time then return to the rehearsal.

Students who step out of the marching rehearsal because they are beginning to feel ill should do so, find shade, and sip water until they are feeling better and can rejoin the rehearsal.  IF a student is sitting out for a long period of time and is not feeling better, they should be picked up and taken home or to a doctor. This is the same practice that should take place if a student has to leave class and go to the nurses office during the school day and is too sick to return to class.

There will not be any punishment or grade deduction for an injury or sickness.  If a student can produce a doctor’s note or note from a parent, their absence will be excused.  A student in the alternate section may be asked to begin to learn the spot of the student who is a primary marcher while that student is out due to extended injury or sickness.  When a primary marcher returns and is able to participate at least at a 90% level, the alternate may continue to shadow the primary marcher until the directors determine who can march and play in that spot at the highest competitive level.

Thank you 

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