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Update 12-3-19

Dear M100 Families, Welcome back! We hit the ground running again and sprint until Winter Break! Lots going on! I’ve waited until today to get some more info. on a couple of subjects so as not to send a bunch of emails. (just got final info on Region and trip). Here’s the newest info.:


If you are interested in going on the senior trip please do the following by DEC. 11, 2019:

Go to this website:

Click on PARTICIPANTS in the upper righthand corner of the home page

Find First time users, please click here,to the right of the Login button, then create a user account

Once logged in, click on the New Registrations link (left side)


Fill out the Participant information thoroughly. Need all information filled out for airline tickets, etc.

Students will sign up for the $1278 quad room (4 to a room)

Chaperones have a choice of signing up for quad, triple, double, or single rooms. Before you sign up, please email me as we need to figure out how we will do rooms for chaperones and pricing. I like to ensure all chaperones stay only 2 to a room and there be 2 beds. I can speak with chaperones personally about this.

THE $250 DEPOSIT MUST BE MADE BY DEC. 11 TO ENSURE A SPOT ON THIS TRIP. Please email me personally if you have any concerns about this deadline or any other issue. More information will be given at the meeting on the 5th. Payments can be made online by credit card or you can mail a check to the trip company. Instructions on their website.


Date: Saturday, Dec. 6, 2019

Auditionees: 9th-12thgrade students who are signed up to audition

Location: Harker Heights HS. 1001 Knights Way, Harker Heights, TX. 76548

Itinerary for the day:

8:00am – Students meet in BHS band hall, roll taken at 8:05am

8:20am – Buses leave from BHS to take students to Harker Heights HS for auditions

9:00am – arrive at Harker Heights HS. Percussion students help unload equipment. All other students to cafeteria for check-in and warm-up

9:30am – judge’s meeting in auditorium (all directors will be in this meeting)

10:00am – auditions begin

No way of knowing when auditions will finish – depends on the number of students auditioning, judge panels, etc. Please read on…

Buses will drop off for students at the student parking lot on the flagpole side of the school that faces Verna Lee. Students will enter the building through the doors furthest to the left as they come up the front sidewalk. THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL PICK UP YOUR CHILD IF YOU ARE COMING TO PICK THEM UP WHEN THEY ARE FINISHED AUDITIONING.

Parents – I have no way of knowing when your child will be finished auditioning. I can safely assume that those students who are auditioning amongst a smaller group of students will be done earlier than others but some regions divide the groups up and have students wait until later in the day to audition after others as they may only have one panel of judges for that instrument group and many auditionees. All this to say that students can text or call when they are finished auditioning and you can come pick them up AS LONG AS I RECEIVE A HANDWRITTEN, SIGNED NOTE FROM WHOMEVER IS PICKING THEM UP prior to this Fri., the 6th.


In order for us to allow students to be checked out when they are done auditioning, we need to have an adult volunteer to check them out and ensure the person picking them up is actually their parent (or whomever the parents gave permission to pick up the child). The directors will be judging so we will not be available to do this. We need an adult to stand by the doors (see 2 paragraphs before this one) and when a parent (or whomever) comes to pick up their child, they need to sign them out by signing their name next to the child’s name on the form. Therefore, the parent (or whomever) needs to be seen by the adult chaperone and sign the form. This is for the safety of every child so we know they left with the correct person. Again, I do not know what the timeline will look like, especially having never judged in this region before, however, here is my proposed schedule for adult chaperones:

12 noon – 2pm: 1 adult chaperone needed

2pm – 4pm: 1 adult chaperone needed

4pm – 6pm: 1 adult chaperone needed (probably not but just in case it goes this late)

IF ANYONE CAN VOLUNTEER PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!!!! WE CAN’T ALLOW STUDENTS TO LEAVE WITH ANYONE WITHOUT GOING THROUGH THIS CHECKOUT PROCESS. Otherwise all students have to come back on the bus when all students are finished and directors have checked out and this can take a REALLY long time….

More Region audition info:

Drop off for percussion will be the Knights Way side by entrance #4All percussion will enter the building through those doors.  The bar will be taken down.  Timpani will be in the band hall on the left as they enter the building.  Snares will be in the choir room on the right as they enter.  Marimba's will travel through the band hall and percussion room to get to the stage.  We will have someone there to guide them.   

Concession stand and warm-up will be in the cafeteria and signs will be posted as to where the audition rooms will be located.  There is to be no playing in the halls. Keep cafeteria clean – pick up after yourselves.

Students will be made aware of the electronics rules and how to properly behave in the audition room. TMEA now encourages us to turn in information on schools where students disrespect the audition process and letters of reprimand can be sent to directors and administrators if your students cause problems during the auditions.

Students should wear comfy clothes, bring all music (measures numbered), pencils, books to read, water, snacks (may not be able to eat in audition rooms but water is ok), homework. Phone can be in the room with you but must be turned off. You can call to be picked up when you are finished auditioning.

Schedule for this week:

Tuesday, Dec. 3 4:45pm – 6:00pm Orchestra rehearsal – Band Hall

7:00pm – LBMS Bands Holiday Concert – PAC

4:25pm – Wind Ensemble video assignment due

5:00pm – 8:00pm – JV & C Winter Guard rehearsal

Wednesday, Dec. 4 4:45pm – 5:45pm Concert Band rehearsal – Band Hall

Thursday, Dec. 5 4:45pm-5:45pm – Wind Ensemble Rehearsal - Band Hall

5:00pm – 8:00pm – Varsity Winter Guard rehearsal

6:30pm-7:30pm – Senior Trip meeting – Band Hall

Friday, Dec. 6 7:00pm – NBMS Bands Holiday Concert - PAC

5:00pm – 8:00pm – Varsity Winter Guard rehearsal


Saturday, Dec. 7 8:00am - ???? TMEA All Region Band Auditions – Harker Heights HS

Bus to and from BHS to contest. See info. above

UNIFORMS: Students will receive their school owned formal concert uniform this Friday. This needs to go home and be hung neatly in the closet. Students will be financially responsible for the well-being of this uniform. (see price list below). They have been checked out to students and they are responsible for their particular uniform. They will wear it for the Winter Concert, Pre-UIL, UIL, Graduation (Wind Ensemble), and possibly one other performance. If, when it is time to turn the uniform back in, a student has lost all or part of it, they will be financially responsible for it’s replacement.

Uniform Price List (in case of loss or damage):

Notch Lapel Tuxedo Jacket- $60

Adjustable Tuxedo pants- $28

Melisma Gown- $71

3-5 weeks to ship and does not include tax or shipping. 

Up-Coming Events (All dates are also found on our Band Website Calendar - Sat., Dec. 7 - All Region Band Auditions - Harker Heights HS Mon., Dec. 9 - BHS/SBMS/NBMS Percussion & Jazz Concert - 7pm - BHS PAC Wed., Dec. 11 - BHS/NBMS (advanced only) Orchestras - Holiday Concert @ BHS PAC - 7:00pm Thurs., Dec. 12 - BHS Bands Holiday Concert - 6:30pm - BHS PAC Sat., Dec. 14 - All Region Freshman Band Auditions - Shoemaker HS Wed., Dec. 18 & Thurs., Dec. 19 - Early release - 1:35pm @ BHS Dec. 20 - Jan. 7 - Winter Break - No School

Thank you as always for your continued support! GO BIG RED! 

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