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August 4, 2019

Thanks to all who came out to Everything Day and to those who ate out at our first fundraiser of the year - the Panda Express fundraiser last Wednesday night! There was a huge line the I got there! Thank you so much to all volunteers to helped make those events happen! Thank you to Mr. Kwaku who stayed to chaperone the M100 movie night Saturday night! We have the BEST staff and parent volunteers!

Parents - Please see our new Absence Request Form on the M100 website. Please fill out this form when you need to request an absence for your child. No need to email a director. Thank you.

This week's schedule:

Monday, August 5 - Thursday, August 8: Band Camp for all from 7:30AM - 7:30PM.

Friday, August 9 - Band Camp for all from 7:30AM - 4:00PM (those who need to paint parking spots can do so right after rehearsal ends). THIS IS A CHANGE FROM THE ORIGINAL SCHEDULE. PLEASE MAKE NOTE.

This is a tough week but, if we continue the excellent rehearsal etiquette and terrific attitudes, we will get A LOT done! Make sure you're eating well and drinking lots of water!

It is also a fun week. It is Spirit week! Dress up as your favorite band director (hint, hint ;-) on Monday! See the board in the band hall for the theme for each day this coming week!

*Drumline - please speak with Mr. Smith about your "gig" Tuesday morning - helping to welcome the BHS staff back to campus. More info. to come.

Monday the 12th is BISD Convocation. Please check the calendar on the this website for details about the day's events. The M100 performs at convocation.

Saturday, August 10th - DCI watch party at the BHS Band Hall. (optional). This is an evening event and will have chaperones. It's a lot of fun and we are excited to see our very own Jaden Rudloff perform with the Madison Scouts! More details to come...

PLEASE REMEMBER TO PURCHASE DOT BOOKS (small spiral bound note cards - 3x5 is fine - at least 65 pages) AND KNEE PADS (1 at least but I'd recommend 2) for our rehearsal tomorrow!!! Front Ensemble members do not need either.

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Christal Thomas
Christal Thomas
Aug 25, 2019

I am having difficulty with the link to pay for my daughter's band fees. Can someone share the link on here. I could not find it on the site either. Thank you.

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